Need followers? Start from your community

News 03:06 June 2020:

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It is true that social media platform is global and you can get free followers from nearly every where but there is much more than you can do. If you have a particular interest, start with your community. Create a page that talks about your community or neighborhood. Such a page should target a particular group who you can discuss with and interact with easily. Such local events have a great impact on your following and before you realise it, you will have a large number of followers from users who are passionate about your particular project.
You might not have realised it, but in a community, it is sometimes just impossible to go from door to door looking for people to attend a function or a festival. But if you post such on a social media platform, you will be surprised that even people you do not know or have never heard will want to join your team. Such a group of free followers will be more than just followers. Make them part of your planning team and before you realise it, you would have made friends for along long time.